Terms & Conditions

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 18 years old or above
  • Has basic knowledge about fitness
  • Earned a high school degree
  • Completed CPR certification
  • Good knowledge in English or Arabic
  • Candidate must own a PC or Laptop
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Package

Program Requirements

The amount of study required to take the appropriate personal training certification depends on the certifying body. The design and delivery of the study materials also often varies.

Program costs, depending on the program format and delivery method, include the cost of textbooks, DVDs, and online courses, in-person workshops and classes, and study guides.

Examination Requirements

All programs require students to take and pass an examination following the program of study so as to prove competency for the certification. Most examinations consist of between 100 and 200 questions and take about 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Learning Requirements

All students studying with Aspire Fitness Academy are required to access a variety of learning resources throughout their course, including:

  • Audio-visual Lecture Presentations
  • Video Presentations
  • Interactive Learning Activities
  • Text books
  • Sheets and resources
  • Quiz assessments
  • Electronic written assessments
  • Work Experience / Practical Placement workbooks

Aspire Fitness Academy recommends students have a basic level of computer literacy, including the ability to perform the following functions:

  • Use an internet browser
  • Download and upload a document
  • Edit and save Microsoft Word, Adobe and Excel documents
  • Write and send an email
  • Internet Research


Student Support Services

Aspire fitness academy prepares fitness professionals to work in the fitness industry. Thus, it provides best student support for best learning outcome.

Aspire Fitness Academy Professionals

Students are welcome to ask the course instructor during the teaching hours and office hours. Students are also allowed to email or text the course instructor about any doubts regarding the course content or regarding previous lectures. Students can also ask to meet the course instructor or course director for re-explanation of any topic covered during class or practical sessions.

Fitness Industry Professionals

Aspire Fitness Academy professionals has extended theoretical and practical experience in fitness and exercise. Students can benefit from career advise to help them where to start their fitness career. This will also offer great opportunity for students to develop quick relationships with new customers.

Aspire Fitness Academy students will also benefit from the academy’s contact where employers periodically request certified trainers from the academy.

Practical Placement

All programs offered by Aspire Fitness Academy cover two parts, theoretical through in class presentations and practical through exercise performance. This will help students apply the lessons learned in class to hands on exercises.

Post Certification Support

All students that have attended and certified by Aspire Fitness Academy can keep track for future programs and workshops they can attend. They can also benefit from the academy’s experts to be advised about future programs or for any advice related to the field.

Students can also follow us on social media for academy news and offerings as well as website.