Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Level 4

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Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Level 4

Our personal trainer course expands upon the fundamentals you acquired, providing advanced knowledge, skills and abilities that will aid you in developing advanced exercise prescriptions, nutrition prescription and insight into the business side of fitness. This course consists of 45 hours.

Enroll (SAR 5,463.00)

Subject areas include

  • Basic muscle physiology
  • Energy metabolism
  • Exercise physiology training principles
  • Strength and aerobic conditioning
  • Safety guidelines
  • Sports training
  • Exercise testing
  • Body composition analysis
  • Safety, anatomy, and exercise
  • Complete program design and development
  • Documentation
  • Nutritional considerations for the personal trainer
  • Psychology, motivation, ethics, and success
  • Business of fitness: marketing/law/finance

Course Outcomes

  • Show sufficient proficiency with the required Personal Fitness Trainer
  • knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully pass the IFPA Certification Exam.
  • Utilize the IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer System to successfully train clients who have no medical restrictions to exercise.
  • Utilize the IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer System to effectively progress your
  • client’s fitness, health and athletic needs.
  • Utilize and promote all IFPA Guidelines to ensure the highest degree of safety for all your clients during every training system.

Utilize the IFPA Personal Trainer System to build a highly safe, effective

  • successful and profitable Personal Training Business.

Certification Package Contents

  1. Exam (multiple choice, proctored)
  2. Textbook
  3. Study Guide
  4. Completion Certificate

Master Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist IFPA Certified – 12 years of experience in Fitness.

Enrollment Closes 31/Dec/2021
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Fee SAR 5,463.00